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Aromatherapy oil

shocks of love has created a skin-nourishing aromatherapy oil with meditative and grounding properties, inspired by the recent single “Orange Blossoms”. It is intended to be rubbed all over the body and can be used as many times as you desire throughout the day. Use it as a totem for mindfulness and presence in your body.

Fresh, smoky woody, floral, spicy herbal | notes of orange blossoms, vetiver, cardamom, frankincense
The scent itself invokes the eponymous citrus notes of fresh orange blossom, evolving them with smoky woody tones (vetiver, petitgrain). Sensuous spices and herbal notes (cardamom, coriander) pepper the oil while recalling the rich olfactory heritage of the musician’s ethnic lineage. The blend is an homage to the natural world, carefully formulated to simultaneously ground and elevate your mood.

organic golden jojoba oil, orange blossoms absolute, and an essential oil blend of cardamom, copaiba balsam, coriander, frankincense, petitgrain, vetiver
100% organic and top-shelf essential oils are layered together over a base of 100% organic jojoba oil, a vegan plant-based carrier oil that works well with almost all skin types (the oil naturally mimics your skin’s natural sebum production).

Make sure to test on a small patch of skin before use. Be careful with exposure to sun if you find any irritation from using the oil. And please reach out if you have any questions!

Orange blossoms absolute on its own, this bright oil is floral, heavy and rich, warm, but also delicate and fresh with sweet-herbaceous undertones
cardamom warm-spicy, balsamic-woody, and increasingly sweet upon dryout. This is one of the oldest essential oils known and is traditional to India, a nod to Half Waif’s heritage

copaiba balsam a mild, sweet, almost creamy-balsam with a faint peppery-spicy undertone. So light, it is almost a ghost within the blend, which recalls the metaphor within the Half Waif song that inspired this oil

coriander a spicy, woody-peppery top note, this gourmand herb originated in southeastern europe but is now cultivated extensively all over the world

frankincense cleopatra's legendarily used oil, religious and respiratory use, ceremonial and heralded across centuries. Perfect for meditation. This bright and balsamic oil is extracted from the resins of the tree

petitgrain from the twigs, leaves, and branches of the bitter orange tree. Fresh and soft sweet-floral odor, reminiscent of orange flowers

vetiver distilled from a root (vetiver is a grass), its physiological and psychological effects are profoundly grounding. Sweet, earthy, warm, woody, and deep, vetiver’s aroma grows stronger over time. It is one of shocks of love’s founder’s favorite oils to blend with

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